Chailey Learning Zone is the interactive learning platform for Chailey School.

If you haven't used CLZ before, your teacher will explain which resources to use for their subject and how to access them.  All items on CLZ are arranged into 'courses' and you will find your subjects listed within these.  You can find course lists within the 'navigation' block on the left of your screen.

Show My Homework is a simple homework calendar.  The ease-of-use and accessibility gives students a clear picture, allowing them to prioritise their workload and stay organised using their personalised calendar, to-do list and email reminders.  Students can easily stay organised, consistently meet deadlines, and enjoy anytime, anywhere access.


Use your school email address to register for GCSEpod and have access to thousands of audio-visual podcasts.

Need help with CLZ?

If you should experience any technical difficulties, please contact ICT SupportIf you need to visit during a lesson, you must obtain your teacher's permission.

Don't have Office software at home?

Try the free LibreOffice suite:

(Please note that
style, fonts and layout consistency cannot be guaranteed between different versions and types of "office" software.)


CLZ is based on the free open source Moodle learning platform.
Chailey School actively promotes the use of community developed open source software.

Chailey School may use carefully selected linked content to support teaching & learning; however, Chailey School is not responsible for the content of external or linked Internet sites.

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